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Birthday Dog

Happy Birthday to Nevin, the whippet … it’s his Birthday!

Happy Howl-o-ween Whippet

RiRi, the cute little whippet doggie, is posing for Halloween with the pumpkins.

Happy Holidays from Nevin the Whippet

“Happy New Year” from our whippet friend, Nevin!

Prince & Princess of the Whippet Dogs

Our Star whippet doggies are so pleased with their new collars.  RiRi and Nevin love new collars and this is what their owner, Lynnette, has to say … “Early Easter prezzies – I think Nev looks gorgeous in his new black, silver, and gold jacquard ribbon martingale with black tassels, beads, and bells.  I got [...]

RiRi the Whippet at Christmas

December 25th 2010 was RiRi’s first Christmas!  Here are RiRi and Nevin beneath their Christmas stockings, hoping Santa brings good things. “We’ve been very good … haven’t we?” Ah … RiRi thinks she hears Santa coming down the chimney!

RiRi the Whippet and the First Snow

RiRi had her first day of playing in the SNOW yesterday. Wanna Play?  Race ya ….. You can’t catch me! Yahoo … I love the Snow!

Doggies Waiting for the Taxi

“Here Comes the Taxi …” “There goes the Taxi …” Check out the all the Funny Dog Photos on BloggieDoggie.

Nevin Gives RiRi the Whippet a Bath

How sweet … Nevin is giving RiRi a bath … and she is ecstatic!!

RiRi & Nevin Have Siesta Time

How cute … RiRi & Nevin are taking a little Siesta!

The Whippets RiRi & Nevin

Follow the dog adventures of this whippet puppy and her brother, RiRi and Nevin.