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Wire Haired Terrier

Love this little wire haired terrier.  Waiting so patiently for his owner while they get a cup of coffee in Chelsea. My Uncle Jack always had this type of terrier dog when I was growing up.  They are a sweet but fiesty breed.

Meet Jax & Max

When my friend, Thomas, was out shopping in the city yesterday, he met up with two fashionably dressed doggies.  Jax is the cute black and white dog, dressed in yellow.  Max is the brown doggie dressed in red.  With all the cold weather and snow New York is having this winter, they were certainly dressed [...]

Terrier in Red Coat

This little brown and white terrier is sporting a little red coat … of course he is from New York after all.   But even New York dogs sniff … sniff … sniff! Photo: Thomas L. Cathey

Doggie with Raincoat

Doggie, Doggie, dressed in yellow, Looking like a funny fellow. Trying hard to keep so dry, Only question might be “why?”

Summer Fireworks Safety Tips for Dogs

It’s summer fun time and now is the time to pay attention to what makes your pet happy and feel safe when one of summer’s big events … fireworks … occur during the summer months.  Many dogs get absolutely frantic when loud noises happen, so some of these tips can even help to calm your [...]

What Big Eyes You Have

Mia … what big eyes you have.  Love her little face! Photo: Richard Bell

Wire Haired Terrier

Haven’t seen a wire-haired terrier for quite some time.  This pooch lives in New York City.  Cute.

Cutest Dog

This is the sweetest little dog … his face and head look exactly like a dog I had growing up.  My dog’s name was Jeep, named by my Dad, and she was white with a black ear and nose.  Jeep would do anything for celery … her best trick was doing circles while standing on [...]

Black and White

Black and white terrier doggie out for a Sunday stroll … in New York’s Central Park.

Skye Terrier

History He originated off the West coast of Scotland on the island of Skye He was bred to catch and kill vermin and also protect livestock from foxes Personality & Behavior He’s fiercely loyal to his family He needs lots of attention and love and gives lots back Grooming and Shedding Sheds fairly often. Option [...]