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City Dogs Are Good Dogs

Some dogs are so laid back … like these two good doggies just waiting til their owner comes out of a shop.  City dogs seem to be so well behaved and very socially adjusted.  Maybe it is the close quarters of not having a big yard to run around in.  Do you think city dogs [...]

Pretty White Poodle

Love this pretty white standard Poodle.  What a beauty. Photos:  Thomas L. Cathey

Snow Day for a Snow Dog

It’s a snow day in New York City and this little white pooch is ready.  “Throw me a snowball!”

Best Dressed Dog

Some doggies look really sweet or trendy in their doggie attire.  We voted on some dogs dressed up in people-type clothing to see which dog gets Best Dressed dog and Worst Dressed dog.  It’s like “What Not to Wear” for dogs.  That should be a television show, right?  See what you think … Best Dressed [...]

Prissy Poodle

My, my … what a prissy looking poodle, with her little paw in the air.  Such a little lady … Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

Dog Named Cooper

Say hello to Cooper … the curly haired dog.

Poodle Puss

This Standard brown poodle appears to be contemplating …

How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?

Not sure if this one has a waggly tail!  Looks like this dog is waiting for his master … cute!

Gray Poodle

“Yes … I think I look ridiculous with that purple bow in my hair too!”

Poodle with the Perfect HairDo

“Not too curly … not too straight!”   This black poodle is chillin’ out.