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Doggie of the Day Photo

“I told you … I’m not going to the CAT show with you!”

Beautiful Dog Photo

My friend, Thomas, from New York, took this photo of dogs on one of his many daily walks.  I absolutely love this photo … the dogs look so majestic or something.

Doggie with a Big Nose

“What? …. I know my nose doesn’t really look this big … does it?”

Doggie With a Big Coat of Fur

“Don’t you just love my coat?”

White Labs Are Pretty Special Dogs

“My name is Snowball … did you guess that?”

Mirror Mirror on the Wall – Doggie of the Day

Hmmmmm … whatcha think? … Should we buy this mirror?  I do look pretty cute.

Dog with Big Eyes

Photo of dog with gigantic eyes is really cute

Walkin and Talkin New York Dogs Take Central Park

Three dogs walking in New York’s central park having a little conversation.

Foxy Doggie – What A Cute Photo

Wow!  what a Foxy Dog!

Doggie Wants A Tummy Rub

This little dog wants his tummy scratched … nothing like a good tummy rub for good little doggies!