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Black Great Dane Doggie

“My what big ears you have!”  This Great Dane is mighty big, but look at those ears … better to hear you with?  Maybe. Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

Too Tired

This Great Dane pup is really tired.  He’s having a hard time deciding whether to lie down on the sofa or the table! Photo:  Richard Bell

Cutest Dog

This little Great Dane puppy is named Torque.  I wonder why? Photo:  Richard Bell

Puppy Love

Wow … either this is a huge Great Dane or this little boy is really small.  What a sweet, big hug for this big doggie. Photo: Thomas L. Cathey


“Smile, Evan!”   Looks like it might be this Great Dane’s birthday.  Happy Birthday, Evan. Photo:  Richard Bell

Great Dane Doesn’t Fit in Car

Hard to drive with a Great Dane sitting in the front seat !   Too funny! Photo:  Richard Bell

Great Dane

“Let’s go driving … but who is charge?   Wow …  This is one big dog! Photo:  Richard Bell

Spotted Great Dane

This Great Dane dog looks like he is part dalmation, with all those spots!

Mr LongLegs the Dog

Is this a Great Dane and Boxer mix?  He has veeery long legs.  Cute doggie though.