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Golden Labs Are So Sweet

Goldens have a reputation for being one of the sweetest, most gentle of dog breeds.  This beautiful dog, almost white actually, is a stunning Golden Retriever.

Happy Golden Retriever

This sweet Golden Retriever pup is waiting for some tummy petting!

Sweet Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular and favorite dog breeds.  They are extremely good as family dogs and love children.  This type of dog loves to be with his family and they are very loyal and obedient.

Doggie Days of Summer

It might feel like the Dog Days of Summer in the East lately but these dogs look pretty happy.

Wanna Dog Biscuit

Friendly New York dogs are always up for biscuits!  Somehow, dogs that live in the city always seems to get along with other dogs. Photo: Thomas L. Cathey

Golden Retriever A Popular Breed

Golden Retrievers are a good choice for a family pet.  They are obedient, playful, intelligent, well-mannered and extremely good with kids.  Golden Retrievers enjoy being with people. Golden Retrievers do need a lot of exercise, but not as much as some other Retrievers. Their activity requirements can be met with a couple of daily walks [...]

Golden Retrievers Are Popular Breed as Family Dog

A stately and friendly breed, the golden retriever remains a top choice as a family dog.

Golden Retrievers Are One of the Best Family Dogs

Golden Retriever dogs are one of the friendliest breeds and a great choice for a family pet.  Exceptionally gentle with young children, goldens are eager to please.  They are a medium build dog with a great disposition.  They are often used as seeing eye dogs for the blind.

Golden Retriever Waiting for a Bike Ride

“Are we ready? “