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Halloween Dog Dresses Up

“It’s ….  BatDog!!”

Doggie Looking for Some Mail

Doggie is waiting for some mail from his dog friends is such a cute photo

Cute Doggie Snuggler

Some doggies just love to snuggle … how sweet!

Best Buddies – A Boy & His Dog

Puppy Love … there is nothing more magical than having your first puppy to love and care for.  This is Ryan and his dog, Cocoa.

Doggies of the Day Photo – Fun in Snowy Central Park

These two dog buddies are having a fun romp in Central Park … lots of snow for February 2010 in New York City.

Ella & the Pigeon – What A Great Dog Photo!

Here at BloggieDoggie.com we love great dog photos . . .  really cool shots of our canine friends.  Many are sent to us by our friend Thomas, in New York, but this particular shot, passed on by Thomas, was taken by a NY friend of his, Ren Kolka.  Obviously Ren had her camera close by [...]

Snow in Central Park Means Make a Snow Dog !

My good friend, Thomas, sent us this adorable photo of this wonderful SnowDog.  What a great change from the traditional Snowman.  We all love dogs and this one is as cute as can be.  Woof, woof … go, doggie, go!

Incredible Racing Jack Russell Terriers

Hey, I bet I could do this!  Look at these Terriers competing in the Jack Russell Hurdle Race during the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge at Purina Farms in Gray Summit, Mo. on Saturday, Oct. 3, 2009. 

Who Wouldn't Want This Dog's Life?

Well La-Dee-Dah!  This dog has the life!  Riding around in this fancy-schmancy stroller. Want one?   It’s a Bernal Dog Stoller and your master can get you one from Oh My Dog.  And that’s my friend Fifi riding in her coach.  I mean, this is the life.   If you can finagle one, here’s the deal: Large [...]

This Dog Is Really In the Driver's Seat

We always hear how cats are in charge, well get a load of this guy!  He must truly be in charge at his house.  Hey, I need to meet him … anyone know his name?  He could drive me around where ever I want to go … like if I need some more treats or [...]