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Sophie the Bulldog

Meet Sophie, a little English Bulldog that we are puppy-sitting for this week.  She is an adorable little bulldog puppy who lives in Pennsylvania.

A Hot Dog

One hot dog … now a cool dog!   This is one solution to cooling your dog in the heat of summer.

Gus the Little White Bulldog

Here’s Gus … the little white bulldog from New York City.    “I’m thinking … I’m thinking!”

Dog Has an Attitude

This dog appears to have a real attitude … like he’s thinkin’ …  “Don’t mess with me.”

Amazing Dogs Who Can Skimboard, Skateboard and Snowboard

Dogs are so awesome.  And there are some really, really amazing dogs around the country.  Did you know that dogs, like Tillman, the English Bulldog, can actually skateboard, skimboard and snowboard?  If you know of other awesome tricks dogs can do … along with their photos … we’d love to feature them here on BloggieDoggie.  [...]

Tillman the English Bulldog Really Can Skateboard

Dogs are amazing animals.  Not only do they learn to obey and do tricks, but some dogs take it to the extreme.  We’re talking extreme sports for dogs.  Look at Tillman, the English bulldog, who we adore, on his skateboard.  We really think he’s amazing!