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Brown and Black Dog

This little doggie is taking a bit of a rest while waiting for his owner.  Not sure what breed this is … anyone know? Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

Grumpy Pug Puppy

This little doggie is getting tired of all the snow!  His little face looks rather unhappy even for a Pug puppy!

Cute Dachshund Dogs

Some the the cutest Dachshund puppy photos we have come across.  Many people love Dachshunds and are the only dog breed they will ever have. I love the face on this cute little black and white Dachshund … isn’t he cute?

Here Girl

“Here Girl … Here Girl” … that’s what this cute little puppy’s name is.  She’s a New York girl! Photo: Thomas L. Cathey

Are We There Yet?

This adorable doggie is getting a few winks before his car trip.  Maybe he’s dreaming … “Are we there yet?” Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

Doggie with Raincoat

Doggie, Doggie, dressed in yellow, Looking like a funny fellow. Trying hard to keep so dry, Only question might be “why?”

Weimeraners Hugging

Puppy love.  These two Weimeraners look so totally content! Thanks to A Dogs Purpose for sharing.

LuLu the Puppy

This curious puppy named LuLu, from New York City, wants to see what’s going on. Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

Great Dane Doesn’t Fit in Car

Hard to drive with a Great Dane sitting in the front seat !   Too funny! Photo:  Richard Bell

Doggie Umbrellas

Looking for a fun way to advertise the kind of doggie you have?  Or a special umbrella to use when you’re out walking the dog?  Check out these fun dog umbrellas from The San Francisco Umbrella Company, shown here on the One Kings Lane site. Lots of fun colors and lots of different dog breeds.  [...]