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Basenji Dog Breed

This Basenji doggie is wondering “What’s Up?”   Known for their yodel-type bark,  these dogs are often referred to as “barkless” dogs.  They are alert, affectionate, energetic and curious, but very reserved around strangers.  A Basenji can become very emotionally attached to a single human. Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

Breakfast Please

Moe is quite the family dog … he likes to have meals with everyone else.  Looks like he’s waiting for his milk and cereal! Thanks to Dawn, from Michigan, for sharing this cute doggie photo with us.

Beano the Puppy

“I’m sorry … I didn’t mean to eat that cupcake.” Beano, the puppy, is from England.  Isn’t he a cutie?

Bulldog with An Attitude

This bulldog seems to be saying … “Don’t mess with me”  Not a very friendly looking dog.

Golden Retrievers Are Popular Breed as Family Dog

A stately and friendly breed, the golden retriever remains a top choice as a family dog.

Standard Poodle Dogs Make Great Family Pets

Love the Poodle hair cut! Standard size poodles are very playful, they enjoy being with children, are generally quiet, and make excellent family dogs. They have very curly coats and their fur is a solid color.  Because of the curly coat, and the fact that they are groomed frequently, poodles are good for people who [...]

Doggie of the Day Photo

This cute black and tan doggie is out enjoying his morning walk.

Smiley the Dog

This dog is soo happy … he’s actually SMILING !

Doggie Wants to Take A Swim

Many dogs like water and this dog is no exception.  With the hot weather upon us, even doggies want to cool down.  A little baby pool filled with water is just the thing to keep dogs cool in the summertime.  This is Auggie … the Hucke’s family dog.