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Little Lucy

Meet Lucy … the cutest little brindle colored pup.  She looks exactly like the Cairn Terrier I had a few years ago. Both the Yorkie and the Cairn Terrier are similar in looks and so is their sweet disposition. Photos:  Thomas L. Cathey

Doggie Wants a Bite

This sweet Beagle pup is being so polite … and you can tell he really just wants a taste of the yummy food his owner is eating. “Please … pretty please …”

GiGi the King Charles Spaniel

Well, well … here is GiGi, a sweet, little King Charles Spaniel in a bag .  GiGi is  from France and she was at Fashion week in New York City … of course! Photo: Thomas L. Cathey

Black Great Dane Doggie

“My what big ears you have!”  This Great Dane is mighty big, but look at those ears … better to hear you with?  Maybe. Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

Happy Golden Retriever

This sweet Golden Retriever pup is waiting for some tummy petting!

Silly Pug Puppy

Some dogs are just so silly … like this cute Pug puppy standing on his head … and loving it!

Doggie Rides a Bike

This sweet little white doggie likes to take bike rides all around New York City.

Cutest Dog

This little Great Dane puppy is named Torque.  I wonder why? Photo:  Richard Bell

Steppin Out

This dog is steppin’ out … in his Puppia finest.

Cool Doggie

LuLu the dog is looking pretty cool in her shades.