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Lazy Days Dogs

“Row, row, row your boat … gently down the stream … merrily, merrily, merrily … life is but a dream …” This yellow lab and black lab are enjoying a lazy, summer day .. like we all should be.  We can all take a few lessons from dogs … enjoy the moment. Photo: via Facebook

Doggie Umbrellas

Looking for a fun way to advertise the kind of doggie you have?  Or a special umbrella to use when you’re out walking the dog?  Check out these fun dog umbrellas from The San Francisco Umbrella Company, shown here on the One Kings Lane site. Lots of fun colors and lots of different dog breeds.  [...]

Doggie Gift Guide

As the holiday season approaches, finding a present for that furry family member can be Between the thousands of choices and a recipient who lacks the opposable thumbs to write their own wish list, it’s a tough task to find the paw-fect gift! Finding a tail wagging toy for a tiny dog can be difficult, [...]

The New York Dog Shop

If you live in New York, and have a dog, you will definitely want to stop at The  New York Dog Shop on the Upper West side.  They carry almost anything imaginable for your dog, including dog toys, dog collars, dog beds and more.  We especially like the big selection of soft harnesses.  Lots of [...]

Adorable Doggie

“Hmmm … I’m too comfy to get down and see what that is down there.” Photo: Thank you to our friend, Thomas L. Cathey, the daily NY photographer and blogger of Tom’s Eye View

Dogs just Wanna Have Fun

Or are these two dogs kissing?

Prince & Princess of the Whippet Dogs

Our Star whippet doggies are so pleased with their new collars.  RiRi and Nevin love new collars and this is what their owner, Lynnette, has to say … “Early Easter prezzies – I think Nev looks gorgeous in his new black, silver, and gold jacquard ribbon martingale with black tassels, beads, and bells.  I got [...]

What Dog Wouldn't Want This Fun 'Jet-Setting' Bed ?

Missed me?  Well, you should have.  I haven’t exactly been Mr. Techie lately.  Had to go to Virginia with Mik and entertain the boys down there.  But now I’m back for a while. I do have something cool to share with you and it’s something my little buddie Mitzi will really want.  It’s a bed [...]

Rhinestone Doggie Collar for Valentine's Present

Whoa! I just found this really, really cool rhinestone collar that I am getting for my girlfriend. She will love this for her Valentine surprise. I can even have them put her name on it … KiKi. You can order one of these for your girl too. Just check out www.trixieandpeanut.com for some awesome gifts [...]