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Doggie of the Day Photo

“I told you … I’m not going to the CAT show with you!”

The Dogwalker – Only in New York

How many dogs can a dogwalker walk?  Anyone know the most dogs anyone has ever walked at one time.  This guy in New York is walking ten dogs at once!  Amazing!

Puppy of the Day with Blue Hair Bow

Such a sweet little puppy with her blue hair bow …  I think she wants a biscuit or someone to pick her up and cuddle her … don’t you?

Airedale is Doggie of the Day on BloggieDoggie

Curly dogs are cute dogs … what a curly little airedale!!  Cute!

Doggies of the Day Photo – Fun in Snowy Central Park

These two dog buddies are having a fun romp in Central Park … lots of snow for February 2010 in New York City.

Whitey the All White Dog is Doggie of the Day

Okay ,,, I admit it … I am in love.  This is my Princess.  Wonder if Mik can invite Whitey and her master over some day.  She is a beautiful dog.  I heart Whitey!!!

Poodle Sisters are the Doggies of the Day

Ah … we are Doggie sisters through and through.   These are two of my best buddies from dog training school.

Fast Track Dog in a Fast Track Car

Faster than a Speeding Bullet … our Doggie Spike is Doggie of the Day!

Beagle Buddy is Doggie of the Day Photo

So … you asked what I want for Christmas?  Please pass on to Santa … I want one of those heated Dogbeds … yeah … that’s what I want!!

This little Puggie Went to Market or This Little Puggie Was the Baby

Maybe this little Puggie cried “wee, wee, wee” all the way home! This little Pug is definitely being treated like a baby … gee, if my master Mik saw this he would definitely take those baby clothes off of this little pup!