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Golden Retriever Waiting for a Bike Ride

“Are we ready? “

Wear Your Dog to Work Day

This cute little doggie likes to be worn … litterally! Photo: Thomas L. Cathey

Cute Puppy Has His Photo Taken

“Can I go home with you?  I’m just a sweet little Puppy … I don’t eat much …yet!”

Cutest Puppy in a NY Handbag

I love this cute little dog … he reminds me of a dog I had while I was growing up.  Amazing that he looks so contented just chillin’ in his owner’s bag.

Fashionable Snow Doggie

I love this SNOW!  Just waiting for a few flying snowballs!

RiRi the Whippet at Christmas

December 25th 2010 was RiRi’s first Christmas!  Here are RiRi and Nevin beneath their Christmas stockings, hoping Santa brings good things. “We’ve been very good … haven’t we?” Ah … RiRi thinks she hears Santa coming down the chimney!

Early Christmas Gift for This Doggie

“Like my new Orange Sweater?  It’s warm and I looove orange!”

RiRi the Whippet and the First Snow

RiRi had her first day of playing in the SNOW yesterday. Wanna Play?  Race ya ….. You can’t catch me! Yahoo … I love the Snow!

Does Your Dog Wear Sweaters?

This little doggie looks toasty warm.  And this little doggie loves his sweater.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Dogs

“Happy Thanksgiving … pass the ketchup, please!”