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Doggie Wants a Bite

This sweet Beagle pup is being so polite … and you can tell he really just wants a taste of the yummy food his owner is eating. “Please … pretty please …”

Scamper the Pup

This sweet little Yorkie dog is named Scamper… and it looks like Scamper really wants to scamper! Yorkies are very small dogs that owners take everywhere.  We even know a lawyer that takes his Yorkie to the office every day. Photos:  Thomas L. Cathey … thank you, Thomas!

Pico & Marley

It’s Pico & Marley … aren’t they adorable? Looks like they’re ready to go for a ride! Photo credit:  Richard Bell, owner of Pico & Marley

Cutest Dog

This is the sweetest little dog … his face and head look exactly like a dog I had growing up.  My dog’s name was Jeep, named by my Dad, and she was white with a black ear and nose.  Jeep would do anything for celery … her best trick was doing circles while standing on [...]

Doggie Dishwasher

This puppy is so hilarious!  We’ve heard of alternate dishwashers before, but this pup wins the cake.  Still laughing! Thank you from  A Dogs Purpose by Bruce Cameron.  “A Dog’s Purpose: A Novel for Humans” THE highest reader rated novel on the New York Times bestseller list for 48 weeks! In paperback and on e-book [...]

Adorable Doggie

“Hmmm … I’m too comfy to get down and see what that is down there.” Photo: Thank you to our friend, Thomas L. Cathey, the daily NY photographer and blogger of Tom’s Eye View

What a Face

What a dog!  Who wouldn’t love this doggie face?  … and he already has that “pleeease” look mastered!

Lets Play Ball

This Dog is more than ready to play ball !

We Love White Dogs

Nothing cuter than a white dog.  But we have to admit … we love white dogs, brown dogs, black dogs, gray dogs, spotted dogs and Striped Dogs???

This Little Doggie Says

“That was Yummy!” says this little dog that can barely see what he’s eating.