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What Big Eyes You Have

Mia … what big eyes you have.  Love her little face! Photo: Richard Bell

Which Way

“Okay, Toto, which way should we go?” Photo: Thomas L. Cathey

Doggie on the Trail

This determined Basset Hound is on the trail of something good.  “Hmmm … is this the cat I’ve been chasing?  Hmmm … here’s an even better smell … “

Dog Days of Summer

This cute Beagle dog says, “It is too hot to move … any ice cubes around?” Dog Tip:  Be sure to give your dogs and pets extra water during these hot days of summer.  Provide ample shade and don’t let your pets get overheated.

Happy Dog is a Fluffy Dog

One HAPPY Dog!  … and Cute as a button.

Dog Isn’t Talking Today

“Really … I’m not talking anymore … I’m having a bad day … only a dog biscuit can cheer me up.”

Cairn Terrier Waiting for His Buddy

“So, are you coming … or are you gonna sniff that tree all day?”

Boxer Dog Watching His Back

“Is that cat following me?”

Doggie Who Loves Baked Goods

The Bakery!! … “I love baked goods!” We, actually, had a chocolate lab who adored any baked goods.  When he was a puppy, he pulled a tea towel, only half-way off the counter, exactly straight and parallel to the counter.  He ate the cookies in a row, even leaving cookies that were even half-eaten … [...]

Foxy the Dog – Cute Dog Photos

Part dog, part  fox?  She’s a cutie, isn’t she?