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Merry Christmas Dog

This sweet German Shepherd says “Merry Christmas!”

Doggie Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is going to the dogs!  But in a cute way … love the doggie ornaments, don’t you?

Early Christmas Gift for This Doggie

“Like my new Orange Sweater?  It’s warm and I looove orange!”

December Doggie Ready for 12 Days of Christmas

“I’m getting ready for my 12 Days of Christmas gifts … got my little red collar on … did ya notice?”

Doggie Christmas Wishes

My Doggie Christmas Wish List: A giant soup bone Year’s supply of doggie treats Heated dog bed Canned dog food Dog cookies Doggie Day camp

5 Great Gifts for Dogs

Here at BloggieDoggie we’ve been searching for some great gifts for dogs or to give dog lovers for their pets. Here are 5 great gifts for the dog in your life: 1.  Tuxedo Collars – for those special days during the holidays.  These dog collars are perfect for any Christmas or New Year’s party.  Let [...]

Give a Portrait of Your Friend's Dog As A Christmas Gift

Don’t know what to give your best friend? your sister ? your brother?  for Christmas?? Have an original painting done by artist Brian Rubenacker.  He paints fun and whimsical images of dogs wearing hats, driving rocketships … just about anything!  You can find hundreds of his paintings on Etsy so you might find an origianl [...]

Dog Throw Pillows with Dog Breed for Christmas Gift

If you are looking for a gift for your master or any other Dog lover … this is it!!  I am going to get one of these throw pillows made with my photo on it for Mik.  Mike will love this for his Christmas present and I can even order it online. Hey, little buddies, [...]

Christmas Cheer to All Dogs Far & Near !

Gee, it’s only three days til christmas!  But I guess in dog time that would be about 21 days … right?!   I mean, if we dogs are seven times older than you humans, then in dog time … well, you get the point! So, are we ready for Christmas?  I smell some tasty treats under [...]

A Dog's Wish List for Christmas

Okay, so maybe I am only a dog, but I like Christmas too! I love opening my presents on Christmas morning. I even have my own Wish List. What could I possibly want you ask? Well, here’s what’s on my list so far: Santa Suit http://www.inthecompanyofdogs.com/itemdy00.asp?T1=D86020+XS&ref=feat Reindeer Holiday Collar http://www.inthecompanyofdogs.com/itemdy00.asp?T1=D85084+CC+XS&ref=feat Bag o’ Balls Plush Toy [...]