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Little Lucy

Meet Lucy … the cutest little brindle colored pup.  She looks exactly like the Cairn Terrier I had a few years ago. Both the Yorkie and the Cairn Terrier are similar in looks and so is their sweet disposition. Photos:  Thomas L. Cathey

Here Girl

“Here Girl … Here Girl” … that’s what this cute little puppy’s name is.  She’s a New York girl! Photo: Thomas L. Cathey

Billy the Dog

Looks like Billy, a sweet West Highland Terrier, just got a haircut.   Awww … how cute. Photo: Thomas L. Cathey

Cairn Terrier

Having had a cairn terrier for our family dog, I can highly recommend this breed.  Our little Bitsy was great with kids and she wasn’t a barker. Personality & Behavior He’s highly alert and will bark at the presence of a stranger making him one of the best watchdogs He loves to dig holes He [...]

Cairn Terrier Waiting for His Buddy

“So, are you coming … or are you gonna sniff that tree all day?”

Bitsy Our Cairn Terrier – the Best Little Dog Ever

In memory of Bitsy … our cairn terrier … she was the best little dog ever!!

Cute West Highland Terrier Is Doggie of The Day

Cute photo of a New York West Highland Terrier dog.

Dog Meeting – Yeah The Gang is All Here

The Doggie meeting is in session … who votes we all go to the butcher shop for some soup bones?