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Sophie the Bulldog

Meet Sophie, a little English Bulldog that we are puppy-sitting for this week.  She is an adorable little bulldog puppy who lives in Pennsylvania.

Best Dressed Dog

Some doggies look really sweet or trendy in their doggie attire.  We voted on some dogs dressed up in people-type clothing to see which dog gets Best Dressed dog and Worst Dressed dog.  It’s like “What Not to Wear” for dogs.  That should be a television show, right?  See what you think … Best Dressed [...]

Bulldog Puppy

Sleepy little bulldog … doesn’t look like he wants to really go for a walk. Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

Are We There Yet?

This adorable doggie is getting a few winks before his car trip.  Maybe he’s dreaming … “Are we there yet?” Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

A Hot Dog

One hot dog … now a cool dog!   This is one solution to cooling your dog in the heat of summer.

New York Dog

Meet Truman, the dog with a personality!    Truman lives on the East side in New York City.  We love his markings and overall coloring … don’t you? Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

Bad Mood Doggie

Gee … I hope I never run into this dog in a dark alley … he doesn’t look very friendly.

Dogs Get Hot Too

“Let’s go, let’s go … it’s hot out here!”    Wise words from a hot dog. Be sure to take special care during this heat wave to make sure your dogs and other pets have plenty of water.  Provide ample shade and, if possible, keep them cool indoors.

BullDog at the Spa

“Hmmmm … only $99 a month … but I only need the eyelash extensions!”  What a funny dog photo! Photo: Thomas L. Cathey

No Cupcake

George, the bulldog, says,  “I swear I didn’t eat your cupcake.”