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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month … get those puppies checked!  How cute is this.  Found this photo by Kristen Alexander floating around Facebook.  A great reminder to all women.

Happy Holidays from Nevin the Whippet

“Happy New Year” from our whippet friend, Nevin!

Amazing Dogs Who Can Skimboard, Skateboard and Snowboard

Dogs are so awesome.  And there are some really, really amazing dogs around the country.  Did you know that dogs, like Tillman, the English Bulldog, can actually skateboard, skimboard and snowboard?  If you know of other awesome tricks dogs can do … along with their photos … we’d love to feature them here on BloggieDoggie.  [...]

Dalmation Doggie Thinks He is SuperDog

“It’s a bird … it’s a plane … it’s SuperDog!!”

Beach Dog

Where on earth did that crab go?  This bloodhound is sure he can find him!

My Smart Puppy Is a Great Dog Training Book

We are always looking for good puppy training books and here is one offered by Grand Central Publishing, called My Smart Puppy. With the intuitive and step-by-step methods included in this invaluable book from experts Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson, including tips on how to deal with every kind of personality, puppies can be trained [...]

Bulldog is Doggie of the Day

“Hey … I’m a Bulldog and I’m proud of it.”  Can’t say we’ve see any bulldogs with spotted ears before … have you?

Dog with Big Eyes

Photo of dog with gigantic eyes is really cute

Doggie Football – Where is the Ball Game

Funny photo of a bulldog waiting for a football game

Anna Is A Happy Doggie of the Day

And … here’s Anna!  Isn’t she sweet?  What a happy little New York doggie.  Keep smilin’ Anna!