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Molly the Boxer

Meet Molly … a sweet Boxer pup from Pennsylvania.

A Hot Dog

One hot dog … now a cool dog!   This is one solution to cooling your dog in the heat of summer.

Doggie Treat Time

It’s doggie treat time for Molly, Cooper, Capote and Mack.  (Boxer, Chocolate Lab, French Bulldog & Puggle)  What good doggies!   These are four happy dogs  that belong to my niece, Carolyn.  Thanks for sharing!

LuLu the Puppy

This curious puppy named LuLu, from New York City, wants to see what’s going on. Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

Cool Doggie

LuLu the dog is looking pretty cool in her shades.

Sad Doggie

No one wants to play today … what a sad little face dogs can make.

Boxer Dog

What are you lookin’ at?  You think I have a boxer’s face?

Soakin Up the Rays

Ahhh … soaking up the Sunshine … what more could a dog ask for?

Dog Looks like a Boxer Sharpei Mix

How fuzzy and cute is he? Photo credit: Thomas L. Cathey

Snobby Dog

Looks like a snobby dog to me, with his nose in the air.   Or maybe he’s just well educated.