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New York Dog

Meet Truman, the dog with a personality!    Truman lives on the East side in New York City.  We love his markings and overall coloring … don’t you? Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

Cutest Dog

This is the sweetest little dog … his face and head look exactly like a dog I had growing up.  My dog’s name was Jeep, named by my Dad, and she was white with a black ear and nose.  Jeep would do anything for celery … her best trick was doing circles while standing on [...]

Dog Looks like a Boxer Sharpei Mix

How fuzzy and cute is he? Photo credit: Thomas L. Cathey

Dogs Left in Cars by Martin Usborne

How many times have you passed by a car and interacted with the dog left inside … or wondered when his owner will be back to assure him?  Famed photographer, Martin Usborne, has done a fantastic series of “Dogs Left in Cars”.  We love the expressions that Martin has captured in these photos. You can [...]

Too Furry for Hot Weather

This dog says …  “You’d be hot too if you were wearing my fur coat!!!”

Doggie on the Trail

This determined Basset Hound is on the trail of something good.  “Hmmm … is this the cat I’ve been chasing?  Hmmm … here’s an even better smell … “

Gus the Little White Bulldog

Here’s Gus … the little white bulldog from New York City.    “I’m thinking … I’m thinking!”

Happy Dog is a Fluffy Dog

One HAPPY Dog!  … and Cute as a button.

Doggie of the Day Photo

This cute black and tan doggie is out enjoying his morning walk.

Boxer Dog Watching His Back

“Is that cat following me?”