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Wire Haired Terrier

Love this little wire haired terrier.  Waiting so patiently for his owner while they get a cup of coffee in Chelsea. My Uncle Jack always had this type of terrier dog when I was growing up.  They are a sweet but fiesty breed.

TJ Meets a Boxer

TJ is getting bigger and making new doggie friends.  Here’s TJ with a new little buddy … a boxer pup. Looks like the little puppy is wanting TJ to protect him!

Rhodesian Ridgeback Joy

Tank looks like he is in doggie heaven!  The epitome of doggie joy!

Ovcharka Dog Named Moose

Moose is appropriately named.  He is a Russian dog breed and he weighs in at 170 pounds.  The breed is known as a Central Asian Ovcharka, which I had never heard of before, or even seen for that matter.  Ovcharkas were bred as sheep guard dogs. Known to be good family dogs and to get [...]

Cutest Dog

This little Great Dane puppy is named Torque.  I wonder why? Photo:  Richard Bell

Prissy Poodle

My, my … what a prissy looking poodle, with her little paw in the air.  Such a little lady … Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

Tired Doggie

One tired pooch … waiting for his owner in New York City. Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

Cairn Terrier

Having had a cairn terrier for our family dog, I can highly recommend this breed.  Our little Bitsy was great with kids and she wasn’t a barker. Personality & Behavior He’s highly alert and will bark at the presence of a stranger making him one of the best watchdogs He loves to dig holes He [...]

Big Dog

“Okay … if they don’t come out soon, I’m on this scooter and outta here! ” Photo: Thomas L. Cathey

Brrrrrrr … It’s Cold Out

This little New York doggie is all bundled up for the cold weather we’ve been having  … Colby, you’re a cutie!