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Doggie Wants a Bite

This sweet Beagle pup is being so polite … and you can tell he really just wants a taste of the yummy food his owner is eating. “Please … pretty please …”

Scamper the Pup

This sweet little Yorkie dog is named Scamper… and it looks like Scamper really wants to scamper! Yorkies are very small dogs that owners take everywhere.  We even know a lawyer that takes his Yorkie to the office every day. Photos:  Thomas L. Cathey … thank you, Thomas!

Silly Pug Puppy

Some dogs are just so silly … like this cute Pug puppy standing on his head … and loving it!

Woof Woof White Dog

This white dogs looks like he’s trying to make himself look like a white wolf!  Doesn’t he? Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

Dog Romps in Bethesda Fountain

This black pit bull just couldn’t resist a swim in Bethesda Fountain. Thinking everyone probably wanted to join him. And I don’t think he wanted to get out.  Just another day in New York City … Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

Muffi the Fluffy White Dog

It’s Muffi!  The fluffy white dog from New York City.  She sounds like a character right out of a book … Muffi the Fluffi. Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

Pug Named Daphne

“Wanna go home?”  Hmmm … think Daphne doesn’t like that idea!  Such a cute little Pug with her little pink tongue. Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

Kodi the Puppy

Either this darling little puppy is waving “hi” or he is trying to cover his eyes.  What do you think? Photo: Thomas L. Cathey

Halloween Doggies

We love funny photos of dogs in costumes, especially during the Halloween season.  This dog says,  “Cock-a-doodle-do … I always wanted to be a Rooster!”  These are some of our favorites from 2011 … can’t wait to see all the new Halloween dogs for 2012. Yikes!  A dog half-eaten by a Shark! A different story [...]

Dog Looks like a Boxer Sharpei Mix

How fuzzy and cute is he? Photo credit: Thomas L. Cathey