Okay, so this Dog's Not a Techie

So I’m only a dog,  but you’d think I’d have gotten some aptitude for some technical knowledge!  My dad, rest his furry soul, was a genius in that department.  I could hardly log in here to send you my musings.  If I don’t write too often it’s probably because I can’t get this dang computer to work.  I see Mik, my master, just whip away doing things on this computer.  But then, he does probably spend about 20 hours a day, either working on the thing or surfing the net, as I’ve heard him call it.  AND … I will only be able to hop on here when he is not hogging this machine.

I don’t know how many of you other dogs are starting to blog, but this does sound like fun.  Just keep those sarcastic cats off of here!  Whoops … here comes Mik, in the door, gotta go!