Grumpy Pug Puppy

pug puppy

This little doggie is getting tired of all the snow!  His little face looks rather unhappy even for a Pug puppy!

Snow Doggies

whippet dogs

RiRi and Nevin, the Virginia Beach whippets, love playing in the snow.  These two playful dogs, in their cute snowsuits, look like they are having a blast!

Dogs, Dogs, Dogs


Little and big doggies waiting for their New York dog walker.  Always so amazing to see so many varied breeds of dogs getting along so peacefully … and in the city, no less.

Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

Catching Snowflakes

white dog

How cute is this little white dog?  Looks like he is trying to catch a snowflake … just starting to snow.

Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

Best Dressed Dog

Some doggies look really sweet or trendy in their doggie attire.  We voted on some dogs dressed up in people-type clothing to see which dog gets Best Dressed dog and Worst Dressed dog.  It’s like “What Not to Wear” for dogs.  That should be a television show, right?  See what you think …

Best Dressed Dog

best dressed dog

This pooch looks very trendy in his smart, blue sweater.  Perfect for wearing on walks through the park.  Our choice for Best Dressed Dog award.

Worst Dressed Dog

dog dressed in clothing

This poor dog, on the other hand, has no style!  Even the doggie looks a bit embarrassed.  In our opinion, he wins the Worst Dressed Dog award.

Photos: Thomas L. Cathey

Merry Christmas Dog

Christmas dog photo

This sweet German Shepherd says “Merry Christmas!”

Bulldog Puppy

Bulldog puppySleepy little bulldog … doesn’t look like he wants to really go for a walk.

Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

Black and White Puppies

Pug puppies

What’s black and white and sitting on a white sofa … cute little Pug puppies!

Flower Dog

Basset hound dog“Just for you.”  says this sweet Basset Hound doggie.

Shar Pei Puppy Play

Sharpei puppy

Mommy, Mommy … play with me!   Isn’t this little Shar Pei puppy adorable?