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Funny Dog

Hmmmm … part dalmation?  part Irish setter?


Although the dachshund is cute as can be, he is not necessarily a good dog around young children. Personality and Behavior: He tends to be snappy towards children He tends to growl or bark at strangers He tends to be aggressive toward strange dogs He loves digging holes He likes barking He loves to chase [...]

American Foxhound

Personality and Behavior He’s sweet-natured, loyal and loving to his human family, but not overly affectionate He doesn’t like being alone for long periods He needs something to do; if he’s bored he will find ways to entertain himself often by being destructive (chewing, scratching, digging, etc)! He likes to be outside roaming around and [...]

Every Dog Should Have This Outside Water Fountain

How cool is this!  An outdoor water faucet that senses when your dog in near. You can install the WaterDog on any outdoor faucet and when the sonar proximity sensor detects that your dog is near it automatically turns the water on and when they leave it turns the water off. It’s height is fully [...]

RiRi & Nevin Are Happy Whippets

Whippet puppy and her new brother whippet share a comfy cozy moment at home and it’s a cute photo op moment.

This dog has the most Gigantic Eyes I have ever seen … so cute! http://ping.fm/Hf4Io

The Special Bond between Grandmothers & Granddaughters … http://ping.fm/my2yV

Rocketship Sandwich making Video … how cute! http://ping.fm/4xQGM

Watch the video and learn How to Make a Pirate Party sandwich … http://ping.fm/TVIP3

Cute Doggie in a Raincoat

You like?  Red is my favorite color and I love it when it rains!  This doggie has style!