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Rescue Dogs

Adopt or Foster a Retired Racing Greyhound Dog

Greyhounds are one of the best natured of all breeds. They are sweet, calm, gentle, quiet, and loving with children and adults.  They are also perfect dogs for older people who want a sweet dog but don’t want a puppy to train. Bay Area Greyhound Adoptions, Inc. is a non-profit, charitable corporation founded for the [...]

The Adopted Dog Bible

This is the perfect book for anyone wanting to get a Rescue dog or a dog from a shelter. What will you find in The Adopted Dog Bible? Where to find your perfect canine companion All about breeds and mixed breeds and how you can adopt any type of dog Smart guidelines for adoption success [...]

7 Days with 7 Dogs – a Dog-umentary

Mik got a movie recently from an Australian production company, Laughing Owl Productions.  The name of the movie/DVD is titled “7 Days with 7 Dogs“.   We just finished watching it and I must say . . . I was impressed. At first, I was just lying on the floor by Mik’s feet … I mean, [...]

Rescue Dogs at Hearts United Animal Sanctuary

While I was looking around on the internet while Mik was outside this morning, I came across this place that all Dogs and people should know about.  It’s called Hearts United for Animals and they take in animals … lots of dogs … that were abandoned or mistreated.   What a wonderful place this is.  There [...]