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Doggie Umbrellas

Looking for a fun way to advertise the kind of doggie you have?  Or a special umbrella to use when you’re out walking the dog?  Check out these fun dog umbrellas from The San Francisco Umbrella Company, shown here on the One Kings Lane site. Lots of fun colors and lots of different dog breeds.  [...]

Dog Show Judging Standards

Do you ever watch the Westminster Dog show?  Have you ever wondered how they judge the dogs and what the criteria is?  Check out the Westminster Dog show site for all the judging standards.  STANDARD, meaning a written description of the ideal specimen of that dog breed. Judging takes into consideration general appearance, movement, temperament, [...]

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is a sweet, small dog that really like to go with you everywhere.  We even know a lawyer who takes his Yorkie to the office every day. Personality: He’s brave, loyal, feisty, bold and inquisitive He’s energetic; constantly moving around the home to investigate anything that grabs his attention He doesn’t like [...]

Doggie Bow Tie Collars

We love these Bow Tie collars for doggies!  You can buy fun plaids and funky designs.  How cute is this? This very handsome collar is made with a 100% cotton and includes a snap on, movable and removable handmade dapper bow tie that is secured on to the collar from two points for a sturdy [...]

The Dogwalker – Only in New York

How many dogs can a dogwalker walk?  Anyone know the most dogs anyone has ever walked at one time.  This guy in New York is walking ten dogs at once!  Amazing!

Dogs in London

So I went to the park yesterday and it was beautifully hot. They have just re-opened Chiswick House, which is still a relatively untrodden secret of London’s inner city life. At the lake, by the waterfall was a girl with her dogs, 2 genetically challenged irritable Daschundts, a rather timid mis-shapen semi-labrador, and an energetic [...]

All Time Favorite Dog Movies & Dog Shows

We’ve been asking some dog lovers what their favorite dog movies or old TV shows featuring dogs are. See if your favorites are on this list. Old Yeller Lassie Come Home Homeward Bound Rin Tin Tin Where the Red Fern Grows Good Boy White Fang Marley & Me Benji All Dogs Go to Heaven Eight [...]

Fun Fact About Siberian Husky Dogs

Not all Huskies have blue eyes. The color may vary from brown to amber to blue and even combinations reaching so far as having bi-colored eyes (half blue half brown) … and they have a great temperament!

New York City Dogs

There must be thousands upon thousands of dogs that live in New York City.  Does anyone have any idea how many actually live in the city?  This cute little black and white is a New York City doggie.  Cute, huh?

Cesar Millan is The Dog Whisperer on National Geographic

One of our very favorite shows on TV is The Dog Whisperer.  Cesar Millan is the Dog Whisperer and we are always in awe when we watch the show on National Geographic … Fridays at 9.