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Funny Dogs

Easter Bunny OR Easter Dog

Are these funny bunnies?  Or Easter dogs?  Two little doggies ready for the Easter Bunny and the Easter parade.

Doggie Dishwasher

This puppy is so hilarious!  We’ve heard of alternate dishwashers before, but this pup wins the cake.  Still laughing! Thank you from  A Dogs Purpose by Bruce Cameron.  “A Dog’s Purpose: A Novel for Humans” THE highest reader rated novel on the New York Times bestseller list for 48 weeks! In paperback and on e-book [...]

Top Dog

The best example of “Top Dog” that we’ve ever seen.  What a way to make sure you get all the attention! Thank you from  A Dogs Purpose by Bruce Cameron.

Poor Doggie

Awwww … I’m not sure if this doggie is sick?  has an earache?  or just loves hats?

Wanna Dog Biscuit

Friendly New York dogs are always up for biscuits!  Somehow, dogs that live in the city always seems to get along with other dogs. Photo: Thomas L. Cathey

Starbucks Doggies

“Hope she brought me a Grande Mocha!”  … “I so look forward to my Starbucks stop to start the day!’

The Kissing Booth

This pooch wants a KISS … awwww … for Valentine’s Day! Thank you Bruce Cameron for sharing … follow Bruce and his bestselling book, A Dog’s Purpose, on Facebook.

Happy Valentine’s Day Dog

This doggie is all set for Valentine’s Day … Happy Valentine’s Day to all the doggies of the world!  May you find treats in your bowl! Photo: Thomas L. Cathey

Maggie Dressed in Pink

Maggie is all dressed up for Valentine’s Day.  “Are you sure I look cute in this?”  Yes … we’re sure Maggie!

Golden Retriever A Popular Breed

Golden Retrievers are a good choice for a family pet.  They are obedient, playful, intelligent, well-mannered and extremely good with kids.  Golden Retrievers enjoy being with people. Golden Retrievers do need a lot of exercise, but not as much as some other Retrievers. Their activity requirements can be met with a couple of daily walks [...]