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Funny Dogs

Are We There Yet?

This adorable doggie is getting a few winks before his car trip.  Maybe he’s dreaming … “Are we there yet?” Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

Basenji Dog Breed

This Basenji doggie is wondering “What’s Up?”   Known for their yodel-type bark,  these dogs are often referred to as “barkless” dogs.  They are alert, affectionate, energetic and curious, but very reserved around strangers.  A Basenji can become very emotionally attached to a single human. Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

Dog Romps in Bethesda Fountain

This black pit bull just couldn’t resist a swim in Bethesda Fountain. Thinking everyone probably wanted to join him. And I don’t think he wanted to get out.  Just another day in New York City … Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

Doggie with Raincoat

Doggie, Doggie, dressed in yellow, Looking like a funny fellow. Trying hard to keep so dry, Only question might be “why?”

Detective Dogs

These German Shepherd doggies have their sleuthing skills down pat. … thank you to A Dog’s Purpose on FB

Doggie in My Pocket

Looks like this little white dog is in a pocket … but he’s really in a little dog carrier.  Cute! Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

A Hot Dog

One hot dog … now a cool dog!   This is one solution to cooling your dog in the heat of summer.

Doggie Treat Time

It’s doggie treat time for Molly, Cooper, Capote and Mack.  (Boxer, Chocolate Lab, French Bulldog & Puggle)  What good doggies!   These are four happy dogs  that belong to my niece, Carolyn.  Thanks for sharing!

Mr. Sleep Loves Dancing With the Stars

If you watch Dancing with the Stars, you already know who Val Chmerkovskiy is.  He was the runner up on Dancing with the Stars.  But you might not know his dog, Mr. Sleep.   Our good friend, Thomas Cathey, ran into them in New York while they were walking around and getting ready for an IAMS [...]

Doggies in Argyle

What a pair … don’t ya just love these doggies in their argyle sweaters? Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey