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The Funniest Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Okay … now I’ve seen it all!  I am not …. I repeat … I am not wearing a stupid dog Halloween costume.  And these are the most ridiculous I have seen. I’m telling you if Mik ever tries to put one of these outfits on me … I am so outta here!  Let the [...]

Best Buddies – Orangutan and Blue Tick Hound Dog

Who wouldn’t like to have a best bud like Suryia, the orangutan ?  Suryia goes nowhere without his best friend, Roscoe, the Blue Tick hound dog and they live in Myrtle Beach at the T.I.G.E.R.S. sanctuary. They swim together, take walks together, sleep together.  We love this cute pair!

This Dog Really Likes Me

I met this dog in the park the other day and took her photo … isn’t she cute?  And I think she really likes me.  Look at her eyes … I’m sure she was flirting with me. Now, I know I’m a stud but I must have really turned on the charm that day. Cute, [...]

This Dog Is Really In the Driver's Seat

We always hear how cats are in charge, well get a load of this guy!  He must truly be in charge at his house.  Hey, I need to meet him … anyone know his name?  He could drive me around where ever I want to go … like if I need some more treats or [...]

Okay, I Have to Admit it – New York Has Some Cool Dogs!

So there, I’ve said it.  My NY buddy lives in NY right next to Central Park and he is one lucky dog!  He sends me photos all the time of the cool dogs, the hip dogs and the most pampered dogs.  Really, some of those dogs have the life.  They don’t even have to do [...]

Check out the Farting Dog, Fartzmor

Okay … I just came across a site I know all you dogs can relate to … www.fartzmor.com It is too funny … you have to listen to the farting tips this dog gives.  I was rolling around on the floor howling! What’s so funny is that all the humans always blame all their farts [...]