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Pit Bull Doggie Loves His Blankie

Photo of a cute pit bull enjoying his blankie and snuggling up to it.

The New York Dog Pack

What a patient dog pack.  “Geez … is she ever coming back?”

Best Buddies – Orangutan and Blue Tick Hound Dog (via Bloggie Doggie's All Dog Site with Funny Photos and Dog News)

This is my favorite doggie photo … love this pair. Who wouldn’t like to have a best bud like Suryia, the orangutan ?  Suryia goes nowhere without his best friend, Roscoe, the Blue Tick hound dog and they live in Myrtle Beach at the T.I.G.E.R.S. sanctuary. They swim together, take walks together, sleep together.  We [...]

Dog Meeting – Yeah The Gang is All Here

The Doggie meeting is in session … who votes we all go to the butcher shop for some soup bones?

Funny Doggie Sign Says No Dog Peeing

Okay little buddies … notice this sign … it says it all … go find another place to pee.  Where else?  New York … my friend Thomas found this one!

Doggie with Big Ears & Big Eyes

What Big ears you have! … “Ah, the better to hear you with.” What Big eyes you have! … “The better to see you with.” Really, really … I’m listening and I see what you’re sayin’.

Good Little Doggies Sitting in A Row

“What?  You want us to do a trick for our treats???”   say the seven little doggies.

Funny Photo of Super Dog to the Rescue

It’s a bird … it’s a plane … it’s SuperDog! And I must say … ” they made me wear this costume!”

Cute Doggie in a Raincoat

You like?  Red is my favorite color and I love it when it rains!  This doggie has style!

Best Buddies R Three Daschund Doggies

Three little Daschund doggies are the best of buddies.  They ride around in a baby stroller … how sweet!