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Funny Dogs

NYC Doggie Easter Parade

In case you didn’t make it up to New York for the Easter parade, our friend Thomas took some fun pics of doggies in their finest Easter hats and outfits.  We love all the color and such a fun event.  New York certainly has it all!  Which is your favorite dog? To see more fun [...]

Doggies Dressed Up for Halloween

My friend Thomas was at the New York Dog Parade today.  He saw tons of doggies in costumes … here are a few he shared with us!  Guess these doggies will be out for Trick or Treat on Halloween!  Also, thanks to Barbara for some of the dog photos!

Irish Dog

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from one little Irish pup!

Dalmatian Puppies

When I was growing up, my dad brought home a dalmatian puppy.  He was so cute with all his little black spots and little black, spotted ears.  We named him Checkers.  But Checkers ended up being more of a handful than my dad had expected.  All puppies need to be trained, but this little dalmatian [...]

Catching Snowflakes

How cute is this little white dog?  Looks like he is trying to catch a snowflake … just starting to snow. Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

Best Dressed Dog

Some doggies look really sweet or trendy in their doggie attire.  We voted on some dogs dressed up in people-type clothing to see which dog gets Best Dressed dog and Worst Dressed dog.  It’s like “What Not to Wear” for dogs.  That should be a television show, right?  See what you think … Best Dressed [...]

Flower Dog

“Just for you.”  says this sweet Basset Hound doggie.

Shar Pei Puppy Play

Mommy, Mommy … play with me!   Isn’t this little Shar Pei puppy adorable?

Happy Halloween Dogs

Happy Halloween from some fun lovin’ New York doggies … all dressed up to celebrate Halloween … doggie style! Photos: Thomas L. Cathey


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month … get those puppies checked!  How cute is this.  Found this photo by Kristen Alexander floating around Facebook.  A great reminder to all women.