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Doggie of the Day

Fluffiest Dog in the World

Isn’t this just the fluffiest dog you’ve ever seen? And the dog’s tail is so unique. Dog Fact:  Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the country.  They are very obedient and gentle family dogs, good with kids.

Doggie on the Trail

This determined Basset Hound is on the trail of something good.  “Hmmm … is this the cat I’ve been chasing?  Hmmm … here’s an even better smell … “

Gus the Little White Bulldog

Here’s Gus … the little white bulldog from New York City.    “I’m thinking … I’m thinking!”

Houdini the Dog Does Magic Tricks

“Now you see him, now you don’t,”  says Houdini the Dog Magician.  He’s just made the cat disappear … notice the locked container he’s standing on.  Think he can make the cat reappear?  Think he wants to make the cat reappear?

Spot the Dog is Spotted

This spotted dog is pondering,  “How many spots does a spotted dog have?” Dog Fact:  A weimaraner dog has grey hair and grey eyes.

Standard Poodle Dogs Make Great Family Pets

Love the Poodle hair cut! Standard size poodles are very playful, they enjoy being with children, are generally quiet, and make excellent family dogs. They have very curly coats and their fur is a solid color.  Because of the curly coat, and the fact that they are groomed frequently, poodles are good for people who [...]

Dachshund Dog with Green Eyes

Have you ever seen a green eyed dog before?  Check out this cute little dachshund. Dog Fact: Dogs can have blue eyes, brown eyes or yellow eyes.

Dog Pack in New York

Dogs in New York City waiting for their dog walker to return.  ” Can we go now?” Dog Fact:  Did you know that many dog walkers in New York City make over $100,000 a year?

Mr LongLegs the Dog

Is this a Great Dane and Boxer mix?  He has veeery long legs.  Cute doggie though.

Dog Days of Summer

This cute Beagle dog says, “It is too hot to move … any ice cubes around?” Dog Tip:  Be sure to give your dogs and pets extra water during these hot days of summer.  Provide ample shade and don’t let your pets get overheated.