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Doggie of the Day

Sad Doggie

This little doggie looks so sad … wondering where his family went without him.

Doggie Hello

“Nice to meet you …”  A good old doggie hello.

Snuggle Snuggle

“How sweet and how snuggly!’ “A Dog’s Purpose: A Novel for Humans” the HIGHEST reader-rated bestseller on the list for 48 weeks!

Big Dog

“Okay … if they don’t come out soon, I’m on this scooter and outta here! ” Photo: Thomas L. Cathey

Dogs Dressed Up

“How do you like my fancy sweater?”  This doggie seems to be enjoying both his fancy collar and trendy sweater.

Which Way

“Okay, Toto, which way should we go?” Photo: Thomas L. Cathey

Thirsty Dog

One thirsty dog!

Last Drop

Gee I hope he doesn’t drink the rest of that coffee … I’d sure like to lick the cup clean …

Kitty Love

How sweet !   From  A Dogs Purpose by Bruce Cameron.

The Twins

Nothing much better than a fluffy white dog!