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Dog Product Reviews

Dog Product Reviews fo Dog Treats, Toys, Gear, Dishes, Leashes, Crates. You name it, we will review it.

Doggie Umbrellas

Looking for a fun way to advertise the kind of doggie you have?  Or a special umbrella to use when you’re out walking the dog?  Check out these fun dog umbrellas from The San Francisco Umbrella Company, shown here on the One Kings Lane site. Lots of fun colors and lots of different dog breeds.  [...]

Daily Dog Videos

If you like to watch dog movies or funny videos of dogs, be sure to check out this cute site of doggie fun.  They post daily videos of dogs doing funny things, doing tricks or just being a dog. DailyDogVideos

Doggie Gift Guide

As the holiday season approaches, finding a present for that furry family member can be Between the thousands of choices and a recipient who lacks the opposable thumbs to write their own wish list, it’s a tough task to find the paw-fect gift! Finding a tail wagging toy for a tiny dog can be difficult, [...]

The New York Dog Shop

If you live in New York, and have a dog, you will definitely want to stop at The  New York Dog Shop on the Upper West side.  They carry almost anything imaginable for your dog, including dog toys, dog collars, dog beds and more.  We especially like the big selection of soft harnesses.  Lots of [...]

Doggles for Your Doggie

Okay … we thought we’d seen it all.  Really, if you don’t have a pair of sunglasses for your dog  … maybe you should have!  Protect your dog’s eyes from the sun … let him wear these beauties while he is hanging his head out of the car.  No more wind and debris getting into [...]

Doggie Twins

What do you think these little doggie twins are named  … Twinkie and Binkie?   That’d be my guess.

Snuggle Snuggle

“How sweet and how snuggly!’ “A Dog’s Purpose: A Novel for Humans” the HIGHEST reader-rated bestseller on the list for 48 weeks!

Dog Biscuit Cookbook

All dogs love treats but some of them are not the healthiest choices for your best friend, your dog.  Check out the Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook by the owners of the Bubba Rose Biscuit company.  Now, these are healthy treats for any dog … probably good enough and tasty enough for anyone to nibble on. [...]

Black & White

This little black and white doggie is afraid of his own shadow.

Dog Portraits by Martin Usborne

Have you ever seen a more wonderful family portrait than this one that fully includes the personalities of the family dogs?    Martin Usborne, our favorite UK photographer, has captured an outstanding image of family life with all the family members.  I particularly love how the dog is seated in the chair while the woman [...]