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Pet Safety Tips for Thanksgiving

From Dogtopia: With Thanksgiving upon us, your pet may be dreaming about turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing, but unfortunately there are harmful side effects that come along with these holiday treats. Dogtopia, a leading national dog daycare and spa franchise, offers the following tips to help pet parents keep their pets safe and healthy during [...]

Pet Food Recalls: Salmonella

On Thursday evening the CDC reported that 14 people from nine states have been infected with Salmonella Infantis, a rare strain of salmonella. Five of those people have been hospitalized and no deaths have been reported. The source of this outbreak was linked to dry dog food and then to Diamond Pet Food’s South Carolina [...]

Dog Biscuit Cookbook

All dogs love treats but some of them are not the healthiest choices for your best friend, your dog.  Check out the Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook by the owners of the Bubba Rose Biscuit company.  Now, these are healthy treats for any dog … probably good enough and tasty enough for anyone to nibble on. [...]

Tips for Caring for Dogs in Hot Weather

With excessive summer heat comes danger for dogs.  Owners need to be aware of summer temperatures and how they should care for their dogs.   Veterinarians say pushing dogs beyond their limit in the heat can be fatal. Here are some TIPS: Remember to exercise your dog in the mornings or evenings during very hot weather. [...]

Support Laws to Prevent Antifreeze Poisoning in Dogs

Approximately 1400 children and 10,000 cats and dogs die annually from antifreeze poisoning.  Antifreeze tastes sweet and it takes no more than a teaspoon for a fatality. But something can be done about this that would save many lives of children and pets each year.  Legislation is currently being consdered in many states that would [...]

Elk Antler Chews – Safer Alternative for Dog Chews Than Rawhide

Dogs love to chew … that’s a fact.  But there are some products on the market that really can be dangerous for your dog, even fatal.  Most every dog has had a rawhide chew at one time or another but you might want to think twice before you hand your dog another piece of rawhide.  [...]

How to Perform Doggie CPR

What would you do if your Dog needed CPR?  Do you know how to do it?  No … I didn’t think so. Well, here is a site that shows you a video of exactly what to do in an emergency.  All dog owners should watch this.  It is featured on  a website called OhMiDog.  It’s [...]

Find if Pet Products Have Toxic Chemicals Before Buying

We are very excited to let you know about a site we just discovered called Healthy Stuff.  It’s a site that gives you immediate access to research done on Pet products and Toys, including pet beds.  The site is extremely easy to use and the information is presented in a simple coding system with graphics [...]

Pet Summary – for Dog's Health & Your Peace of Mind

Hey, doggeros … just heard Mik talking about this Pet Summary thingie .. I was bad sick the other day and Mik was so happy he had used Pet Summary.  Your caretaker gets a card with all all your important info, shots, etc, on a card to carry in their wallet.  But we were traveling [...]

Beefy Dog Biscuits Recipe For A Tasty Dog Treat

Hey .. here’s a great recipe for some Beefy Dog Biscuits … get your owner to make you some!! Beefy Biscuits 2 cups whole wheat or all purpose flour 1 cup cornmeal 1/4cup wheat germ 2 teaspoon beef bouillon powder 1/2 teaspoon yeast extract (adds additional meaty flavour) Mix above ingredients in a medium bowl. [...]