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Bulldog Puppy

Sleepy little bulldog … doesn’t look like he wants to really go for a walk. Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

Black and White Puppies

What’s black and white and sitting on a white sofa … cute little Pug puppies!

Flower Dog

“Just for you.”  says this sweet Basset Hound doggie.

Shar Pei Puppy Play

Mommy, Mommy … play with me!   Isn’t this little Shar Pei puppy adorable?

Cute Dachshund Dogs

Some the the cutest Dachshund puppy photos we have come across.  Many people love Dachshunds and are the only dog breed they will ever have. I love the face on this cute little black and white Dachshund … isn’t he cute?

Long Haired Dachshund Doggie

This little Dachshund already has his coat on for winter ! Photos:  Thomas L. Cathey

Little Lucy

Meet Lucy … the cutest little brindle colored pup.  She looks exactly like the Cairn Terrier I had a few years ago. Both the Yorkie and the Cairn Terrier are similar in looks and so is their sweet disposition. Photos:  Thomas L. Cathey

Here Girl

“Here Girl … Here Girl” … that’s what this cute little puppy’s name is.  She’s a New York girl! Photo: Thomas L. Cathey

Doggie Wants a Bite

This sweet Beagle pup is being so polite … and you can tell he really just wants a taste of the yummy food his owner is eating. “Please … pretty please …”

Basenji Dog Breed

This Basenji doggie is wondering “What’s Up?”   Known for their yodel-type bark,  these dogs are often referred to as “barkless” dogs.  They are alert, affectionate, energetic and curious, but very reserved around strangers.  A Basenji can become very emotionally attached to a single human. Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey