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Spotted Great Dane

This Great Dane dog looks like he is part dalmation, with all those spots!

Poodle with the Perfect HairDo

“Not too curly … not too straight!”   This black poodle is chillin’ out.

Bull Terrier Dog Breed

Often mistaken for a Pit Bull, this dog breed is actually a Bull Terrier.  They are very loyal and obedient dogs.

Suryia and Roscoe the Orangutan and Blue Tick Hound

Take one Orangutan and a lost, but found, Blue Tick Hound and what do you get?  A unique and unusual friendship of two inseparable companions, Suryia and Roscoe.   We love this pair and we’re sure you will too! The pair first encountered each other two years ago when Roscoe, the dog,  followed the staff, from [...]

Meet Miles the Dachshund

Miles is a cute little brown dachshund from New York City… what a cutie !

Airedale Doggie

Airedale dogs are a large breed of dog, but what a classic face!.

Whippet Dogs in Life Vests

RiRi and Nevin are practicing for their first boat ride.  Here they are practicing wearing their flotation life vests.  “What’s the deal, Mommy … when do we get to go on our first boat ride?”

Bulldog with An Attitude

This bulldog seems to be saying … “Don’t mess with me”  Not a very friendly looking dog.

West Highland Terrier Is Posing

We love Westies!  And this cute little West Highland Terrier is such a sweet little dog … he sure knows how to pose!  Who wouldn’t like to take this little dog home? Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

Dachshund Doggies Figuring Which Way to Go

Two Dachshund doggies.  “Which way should we go?  Right?  Left?”