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Spotted Dalmation Dog Known As Fireman's Dog

Cute dalmation spotted dogs are known as a fireman’s dog.

Advice From A Wise Old Dog

Advice from a wise old dog to a puppy

White Boxer Doggie Talk Photo

White boxer dog photo is so cute.

New York Dogs Are Happy Doggies

This is a cute photo of a happy New York doggie.

The Whippets RiRi & Nevin

Follow the dog adventures of this whippet puppy and her brother, RiRi and Nevin.

Doggie Loves Frisbee Photo

cute photo of dog that wants to play frisbee

RiRi & Nevin Are Happy Whippets

Whippet puppy and her new brother whippet share a comfy cozy moment at home and it’s a cute photo op moment.

RiRi the Whippet Puppy Meets Her Brother Nevin

RiRi, the whippet puppy arrives at her new home in Virginia Beach, Virginia and meets her whippet brother, Nevin.

Dog with No Ears

Okay … does this sweet little gray dog look as though he has no ears?  I guess they are tucked really close to his little head.

Happy Dog Photo

Photo of a Happy Dog