Hi … my name is  M.A. Barker …  ‘Barker’ for short, and I, and my dog buddies, get on our family computers when the family isn’t around.  We like  to tell other dogs about our favorite products, dog news, celebrity dog news, important dog care and vet information and funny dog stories and photos.  We want to hear from you, leave a comment or send us a photo to upload.

My best friends are:

Frisco, a Yellow Lab

Cody, a Brown Lab

KiKi,  my girlfriend

Mitzi, a cockapoo

Ziggity Zoom LLC is a network of Family-oriented websites.  Our other websites include:

ZiggityZoom A Kids fun & Educational website

Mommie 911 All things for Moms – parenting, health, nutrition, recipes, crafts, giveaways and product reviews.

Curious Baby A site devoted to new moms and parents with songs, games, baby name suggestions.

GrandParents Digest For grandparents with articles on grandkids, health, nutrition, activities, travel & crafts.

Hampton Roads Parents Hampton Roads, VA news, with kids events, parenting, recipes, crafts and more.

Color Kaboom An all coloring site with free printable coloring pages for kids, parents, teachers.

Thank you to Thomas L. Cathey for so many of our NY doggie photos.  To see his NY travel blog, check out


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  1. bloggiedoggie says:

    Jocelyn …
    Thanks for the Movie alert … any other dog news just please email me, with images if possible … sharonpmccullough@gmail.com