Dalmatian Puppies

When I was growing up, my dad brought home a dalmatian puppy.  He was so cute with all his little black spots and little black, spotted ears.  We named him Checkers.  But Checkers ended up being more of a handful than my dad had expected.  All puppies need to be trained, but this little dalmatian puppy had a mind of his own.  When he was probably about 9 months old, I recall him ripping the laundry off of the clothesline just for the fun of it.  Gee, my mom was mad !

Another time that I recall involved the fact that Checkers would chew up anything he got his little paws on.  This usually happened while we were asleep and he was in the kitchen.  My dad didn’t know about crate training at the time.  In fact, I don’t think my parents knew much about dog training, period.  We could have used the help of the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan!  But one night when my dad had reached his limit, I remember him leaving out a plastic pepper shaker … thinking that might teach our little dalmatian a lesson.  Nope!  He ate the whole thing, pepper and all … with no regret whatsoever.  He continued to chew things up and my dad really didn’t have a clue as to how to handle him.

So, as a last resort, my dad contacted a friend who had a farm and they were more than willing to take Checkers.  It was a sad day for me, my brother and sister but Checkers seemed happy for the adventure.  We visited him a few times and he was totally happy with all the space to run and play.  Maybe that’s why Dalmatians are called Fireman dogs … they like to go on adventures!

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