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July 2013

Fluffy White Dog

Lovin’ this fluffy white dog just laying around in New York City.

New York City Pug

This dog is on a mission.  He’s a pug who knows where he’s going … a typical New Yorker! Photo: Thomas L. Cathey

Detective Dogs

These German Shepherd doggies have their sleuthing skills down pat. … thank you to A Dog’s Purpose on FB

Lazy Days Dogs

“Row, row, row your boat … gently down the stream … merrily, merrily, merrily … life is but a dream …” This yellow lab and black lab are enjoying a lazy, summer day .. like we all should be.  We can all take a few lessons from dogs … enjoy the moment. Photo: via Facebook

Sweet Sadie

This sweet little dog, named Sadie, is a seven year old Havanese.  She lives in New York City. Photos: Thomas L. Cathey

Doggie in My Pocket

Looks like this little white dog is in a pocket … but he’s really in a little dog carrier.  Cute! Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

A Hot Dog

One hot dog … now a cool dog!   This is one solution to cooling your dog in the heat of summer.

Summer Fireworks Safety Tips for Dogs

It’s summer fun time and now is the time to pay attention to what makes your pet happy and feel safe when one of summer’s big events … fireworks … occur during the summer months.  Many dogs get absolutely frantic when loud noises happen, so some of these tips can even help to calm your [...]

Doggie Treat Time

It’s doggie treat time for Molly, Cooper, Capote and Mack.  (Boxer, Chocolate Lab, French Bulldog & Puggle)  What good doggies!   These are four happy dogs  that belong to my niece, Carolyn.  Thanks for sharing!

Happy 4th of July Dogs

Happy 4th of July!!