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February 2013

Puppy Love

Wow … either this is a huge Great Dane or this little boy is really small.  What a sweet, big hug for this big doggie. Photo: Thomas L. Cathey


A little too windy for this doggie. Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey


“Smile, Evan!”   Looks like it might be this Great Dane’s birthday.  Happy Birthday, Evan. Photo:  Richard Bell

What Big Eyes You Have

Mia … what big eyes you have.  Love her little face! Photo: Richard Bell

Mia and Marley

Marley has a friend … named Mia.  Mia wants to know what happened to all the biscuits!  She thinks maybe Marley ate them. Photo:  Richard Bell

Doggies in Argyle

What a pair … don’t ya just love these doggies in their argyle sweaters? Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

Steppin Out

This dog is steppin’ out … in his Puppia finest.

Patient Doggie

What a patient dog, waiting for his owner to finish shopping.  Pretty eyes.  Can’t say it enough, the dogs in New York seem to be the best dogs as far as behavior and getting along with other dogs.  Maybe city dogs are trained better? Photo: Thomas L. Cathey

Great Dane Doesn’t Fit in Car

Hard to drive with a Great Dane sitting in the front seat !   Too funny! Photo:  Richard Bell

Pico & Marley

It’s Pico & Marley … aren’t they adorable? Looks like they’re ready to go for a ride! Photo credit:  Richard Bell, owner of Pico & Marley