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January 2013

Little White Puppy

This little white puppy looks like he’s wearing a bib, but it’s his little outfit for braving the cold.  Cute doggie. Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

RiRi & Nevin the Whippets

Nevin says, “I was here first, RiRi!”  …  Aren’t dogs funny?

Daily Dog Videos

If you like to watch dog movies or funny videos of dogs, be sure to check out this cute site of doggie fun.  They post daily videos of dogs doing funny things, doing tricks or just being a dog. DailyDogVideos

New York Dog Walker

Apparently dog walking is a lucrative career in New York City.  I can certainly see why when you take a look at this photo.  This New York dog walker is handling 10 dogs, of all sizes and breeds, with ease.  When you see the difficulty some owners have with just one dog, this is quite [...]

Birthday Dog

Happy Birthday to Nevin, the whippet … it’s his Birthday!

Wire Haired Terrier

Haven’t seen a wire-haired terrier for quite some time.  This pooch lives in New York City.  Cute.

Doggie Blue Eyes

Not a site you see very often … a dog with beautiful blue eyes.  This Australian Shepherd is striking and quite focused. Photo: Thomas L. Cathey

Snuggly Whippets in Winter

RiRi and Nevin, the whippet doggies, all snuggled in on a cold winter’s night.

Dog Show Judging Standards

Do you ever watch the Westminster Dog show?  Have you ever wondered how they judge the dogs and what the criteria is?  Check out the Westminster Dog show site for all the judging standards.  STANDARD, meaning a written description of the ideal specimen of that dog breed. Judging takes into consideration general appearance, movement, temperament, [...]

Fluffy Dog

This is one little dog you just want to scoop up and squish.  Isn’t he adorable? I think I would call him “Fluff”. Photos: Thomas L. Cathey