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July 2012


Meet Twister … a New York dog with a really sweet face.  Can you guess how he got his name?  He was actually rescued from a hurricane.  Love the dog … love the name! Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

Kerry Blue Terrier

Originally from Ireland, the Kerry Blue Terrier was used for hunting, retrieving and herding. Personality & Behavior: He’s got lots of energy Loves to play games and have fun He has a high prey drive and may chase cats and other small pets Strong willed, feisty, and scrappy Affectionate with his family He tends to [...]

Doggie Smells

This doggie has a good nose!        “Here a smell … there a smell … everywhere a smell, smell.”

West Highland Terrier

“Pleeaase … can we go to the park today?  to visit my friends?”  This doggie is just like a little kid! Photo: Thomas L. Cathey

Dogs Get Hot Too

“Let’s go, let’s go … it’s hot out here!”    Wise words from a hot dog. Be sure to take special care during this heat wave to make sure your dogs and other pets have plenty of water.  Provide ample shade and, if possible, keep them cool indoors.

Happy 4th of July

Love white doggies?  Here’s Ginger wishing you a very Happy 4th of July! Photo: Thomas L. Cathey