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May 2012

Doggie with a Do

What a funny little dog.  Can’t tell if his ears are just standup kinda ears or if he has a wild hairdo! Photos: Thomas L. Cathey

Doggie Days of Summer

It might feel like the Dog Days of Summer in the East lately but these dogs look pretty happy.

Boxer Dog

What are you lookin’ at?  You think I have a boxer’s face?

Dog Named Cooper

Say hello to Cooper … the curly haired dog.

The Perfect Dog

This Spaniel is the image of a perfect dog … loyal, obedient … hanging on your every word! Photo:  Thomas L. Cathey

The New York Dog Shop

If you live in New York, and have a dog, you will definitely want to stop at The  New York Dog Shop on the Upper West side.  They carry almost anything imaginable for your dog, including dog toys, dog collars, dog beds and more.  We especially like the big selection of soft harnesses.  Lots of [...]


These Chocolate Labs like to be TOGETHER.

Cutest Dog

This is the sweetest little dog … his face and head look exactly like a dog I had growing up.  My dog’s name was Jeep, named by my Dad, and she was white with a black ear and nose.  Jeep would do anything for celery … her best trick was doing circles while standing on [...]

Strange Eyes

Is this a blue-eyed dog?  Such haunting eyes.


Weimaraners are very obedient dogs and they are good with children.  They absolutely love being with their family.  He is easy to train and to teach new commands.  An interesting fact … this dog breed likes to lean against you when he is sitting or standing next to you. Personality & Behavior He’s athletic, fast [...]