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April 2012

My Best Friend Ever

“This dog is my very bestest buddy!” From A Dog’s Purpose.  Thank you, Bruce Cameron, author of A Dog’s Purpose.

BullDog at the Spa

“Hmmmm … only $99 a month … but I only need the eyelash extensions!”  What a funny dog photo! Photo: Thomas L. Cathey

Poodle Puss

This Standard brown poodle appears to be contemplating …

Welsh Springer Spaniel

A Welsh Springer Spaniel is a good choice for a family dog.  A friendly dog who likes companionship and doesn’t require a lot of exercise.  This is a very well mannered and even-tempered dog. Personality & Behavior He’s active, loyal, timid, and affectionate He’s often called a “velcro” dog because he sticks by your side [...]

Dog & His Blankie

Doggie takes his blankie wherever he goes!

Black and White

Black and white terrier doggie out for a Sunday stroll … in New York’s Central Park.

No Cupcake

George, the bulldog, says,  “I swear I didn’t eat your cupcake.”

Irish Pups

Yes, St. Patrick’s Day has passed, but we couldn’t resist these two cute Irish beagles waiting for the St. Patrick’s Day parade.  What cuties!

Skye Terrier

History He originated off the West coast of Scotland on the island of Skye He was bred to catch and kill vermin and also protect livestock from foxes Personality & Behavior He’s fiercely loyal to his family He needs lots of attention and love and gives lots back Grooming and Shedding Sheds fairly often. Option [...]

Let’s Snuggle

This whippet really likes to snuggle!  And the golden lab doesn’t seem to mind.  How cute! Thank you from  A Dogs Purpose by Bruce Cameron.  “A Dog’s Purpose: A Novel for Humans” THE highest reader rated novel on the New York Times bestseller list for 48 weeks! In paperback and on e-book at Barnes and [...]