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March 2012

Top Dog

The best example of “Top Dog” that we’ve ever seen.  What a way to make sure you get all the attention! Thank you from  A Dogs Purpose by Bruce Cameron.

Poor Doggie

Awwww … I’m not sure if this doggie is sick?  has an earache?  or just loves hats?

Smiley Dog

“I’m sooo Happy!”  …  Can you tell?  I don’t remember ever seeing such a big smile on a dog’s face. Thank you from  A Dogs Purpose by Bruce Cameron.

Boston Terrier

A cute little dog that loves kids and likes to cuddle.  My grandmother had one of these dogs when I was growing up … it was very sweet. Personality & Behavior: He’s gentle-natured, friendly and lovable He’s very affectionate and likes to keep close and cover you in kisses He loves to cuddle He isn’t [...]

Easter Doggie

Spring is here and this puppy is all ready for the Easter parade!

Funny Dog

Hmmmm … part dalmation?  part Irish setter?

Doggie Walkin’

Most dogs out for a stroll go by the “Don’t step on a crack” mantra … this sheepdog appears to be doing the “Don’t step on a line” rule. Photo: Thomas L. Cathey

Comfy Dog

“Are we comfy yet?”  Don’t think this Mastiff could get any more comfortable … he looks almost human! Thank you from  A Dogs Purpose by Bruce Cameron.

What a Face

What a dog!  Who wouldn’t love this doggie face?  … and he already has that “pleeease” look mastered!

Doggles for Your Doggie

Okay … we thought we’d seen it all.  Really, if you don’t have a pair of sunglasses for your dog  … maybe you should have!  Protect your dog’s eyes from the sun … let him wear these beauties while he is hanging his head out of the car.  No more wind and debris getting into [...]